TEU is a multi-headed operation based in and around the malleable and quasi-sentient entity that is the Middle East. Founded by a group of architects, writers, and artists in Beirut, what feels like a decade ago, TEU explores disjunctions, folds, and ruptures in the fabric of time through the creation of digital speculative accounts in each case using as a point of departure psychogeographical places which resist singular narratives and are characterized by collective amnesia, conflict or ecological collapse.

TEU was founded and could only have been founded in Beirut, a radically enclosed space where nothing enters or leaves, where documents, artifacts, and entities erupt into existence. TEU has managed to spread its tentacles forward and backward in time and across bodies of water and oil pipelines expanding across the region’s centers and peripheries, as well as its phantom limbs.


Neologicon Vol.II

A future-reality is projected unto the past piece-by-piece, emerging within our present as a machine to excavate the future history of the world’s quasi-final migration from the biosphere to the technosphere and the resistance this traumatic process is met with by an insurectory culture to synthesize the two, rather than destroy the former to bring about the latter. Neoligicon Vol. II challenges canonical demarcations of linear time operating within temporal paradoxes where places and spaces are malleable, layered, and sentient.

Digital Platform 
In preparation
Beirut, Lebanon

Neologicon Vol I.

The Neologicon Vol I. anthropocenic alterations is a video-installation which functions as a temporary visual presentation of the glossary known as The Neologicon. From then on The Neologicon’s content is bound to erupt in future works. Formally the video draws upon and reworks the different ways the climate crisis and technological development are mediated via screens both by experts and amateurs.

The Neologicon is a glossary of repurposed words and new terms engineered to explore the effects of species-level historical shifts on language and thought. Oscillating between a proposal for a time to come and a future-reality sent back in time piece-by-piece, The Neologicon is a dictionary for a speculative tomorrow undermining the stability of ideas and blurring the boundaries between concept and metaphor. The process of word-making does not simply mimic what it tries to describe but collapses into it resurfacing in symbols, diagrams and speculative maps.

Video, 7’57”

Beirut, Lebanon